We love getting creative with silver, it's so tactile.

PaganDream was the name of the narrowboat we lived on for 10 years, travelling around Englands canal system and we named our business after our boat.
We wanted to be able to move around on the boat and not be limited to one place so we needed a job that would allow us to do that. I was looking in a crafting magazine one day and saw beads and the likes for sale and thought "We can do that" and our jewellery business started. It didn't take much room to start with but that didn't last long, Hahaha.
Martin, my husband, and I, Cari, both make the jewellery and are both self taught. Until recently I only made the chainmaille items but I have learned to solder so make other things as well. Martin makes the rings, bangles, pendants and celtic knotwork (which he is really good at, he does it by hand and not cast. A real skill) and anything that else he is inspired to make.
We have been making our jewellery for around 13 years now and wouldn,t want to do anything else.

We have now started a new chapter in our life together and are now living our dream in Velez-Malaga in Spain.
We are still making our jewellery and shipping worldwide but in a sunnier and warmer climate with a more relaxed